A Nightmare That Could’ve Been Avoided

I was so eager to buy my first home, I failed to listen to the people who knew so much more than me. And as result, I paid the price -literally. The home that I bought was absolutely beautiful. Stunning from the outside, the home only improved once you opened the doors. A lavish kitchen and open floor plan hooked me from the start. I loved the space and the colors, the large basement and the oversized ceilings.

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I eagerly signed on the dotted line of the contract. I couldn’t wait to move into the home. Weeks later, I knew that I’d made a big mistake. It all started one sunny afternoon in the first floor bathroom. The toilet clogged and so like anyone, I got the plunger out in attempts to unclog the toilet, but no luck. Soon, backflow was coming into the sink. The septic tank not only needed to be pumped, but replaced due to a lack of upkeep!

The following week, I saw mice running through the home. Suddenly all of the evidence of their infestation became apparent, but I hadn’t noticed a thin until then. Lights began flashing off and on and some people would assume that a ghost was in my home. I knew that it was faulty electrical wiring, likely due to the mice. And then it rained and I go the biggest surprise of all. The roof was leaking!

It cost me thousands of dollars to make repairs to the home. Had I hired someone to come out to provide a home inspection draper ut, I would’ve saved a lot of surprises and hardships and could have better negotiated the contract. What I thought was a good deal turned into a nightmare. It’s been a year and I am now happy with my home, but the initial start was a nightmare I wish I could do all over again.